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Asteroom vs Matterport: Which is the Better Solution for You?
As demand in real estate steadily increases for virtual tour services, there are tons of providers on the market.
Eric Tsai Feb 5, 2020

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As demand in real estate steadily increases for virtual tour services, there are tons of providers on the market.

Each software platform has its own features that make it unique, but how can you know which one will work best for your specific needs?

Not knowing who to work with is a common pain point for clients and agents who want to use a virtual tour to increase their listings’ value and appeal. To help clarify some of the confusion, we’re breaking down the differences between two major players in the virtual tour market.

While Asteroom and Matterport are both virtual tour providers, they vary greatly in terms of purpose, price, and usability. Let’s compare and contrast these virtual tour providers to help readers understand the differences in service offered by Matterport and Asteroom.

Asteroom is a 2.5D Solution

The main area where Matterport and Asteroom vary is depth data. This difference is the reason why Asteroom and Matterport services vary in price, navigation, and usability.

Asteroom is a 2.5D solution, which uses Artificial Intelligence to build a digital model from a 2D panoramic image. As a result, virtual tours made with Asteroom does not need to rely on depth data.

Being able to function without depth data is the main reason why Asteroom’s virtual tours can be produced with everyday tools that agents likely already have on hand. Smartphone cameras are all the equipment needed to create a high-quality virtual tour with Asteroom.

Matterport is a 3D Solution

On the contrary, Matterport is a 3D solution. Matterport collects the depths of all of the objects within the property and transfers it into a 3D model, referred to as a ‘dollhouse’ in virtual modeling.

Because these virtual models need more information, digital tours created with Matterport require many more scans of the space. For example, a 3,000 square foot home would need anywhere up to 100 scans to build the foundation for the virtual tour.

As a result, Matterport users will need to put in more time, energy, and money into creating virtual tours for their listings.

Matterport is For Big-Budget Luxury Properties

Because Matterport virtual tours require mass amounts of data, agents need to use specialty cameras to take scans of the property.

These cameras typically cost about $4,000, making it a huge investment for real estate agents. The cameras employ cutting-edge 3D scanners with depth sensors that map out a property’s spatial features.

On top of this cost, realtors typically need to hire Matterport service providers to have their homes professionally scanned.

These service providers would need to take about 100 scans carrying a heavy 6-pound (3 Kg) camera. This can cost anywhere between $250 and $350 per home. In addition to these costs, agents also need to pay $100 to $200 for the 2D still photographs required to build these data-heavy tours.

Working with Matterport is for real estate agents who are dealing with high priced luxurious properties. The price tag on this service makes it an immense investment and each listing that gets a virtual tour made with Matterport needs to produce high enough returns to make all the time, money, and effort worth it.

Asteroom Can Be Used on Any and All Listings

To the opposite effect, Asteroom is an accessible solution that can be used on any listing. Asteroom’s primary goal is to provide an affordable alternative that still generates high-quality content.

Agents don’t need to purchase any additional equipment nor do they need to hire professionals to take the scans. Real estate agents only need to shoot panoramic images of the property and Asteroom uses it to produce a beautiful, realistic, and competitive virtual tour. Asteroom doesn’t need hundreds of scans, it only requires about 15 scans on a smartphone to yield the same quality results.

Because of the easy-to-use nature of Asteroom’s solution, Asteroom allows agents to create amazing marketing assets quickly and efficiently. Asteroom is so affordable that agents can use it on all of their listings - not just their pricey ones. It’s helping bring virtual tour services to a broader real estate market and giving agents a strong advantage over the competition.

Asteroom is a high-quality DIY alternative to other virtual tour services that appeal to the luxury real estate market.

Choosing the Option That’s Best Suited for You

While the technology and navigation of these two products differ greatly, both Matterport and Asteroom provide agents with the ability to create stunning virtual tours.

Digital touring allows home shoppers to see the physical dimensions, measure them, and even ‘walk’ through them. This lets prospective buyers explore a listing without needing to visit the site in person, which boosts the appeal and thus elevate the property’s value.

The same property's virtual tour shot by Matterport and by Asteroom.

Virtual tour of Del Rico by Matterport

Virtual tour of Del Rico by Asteroom

If you’re interested in seeing what Asteroom can do for your real estate career, visit our website.

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