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Brokers: 4 Signs it's Time to Update Your Tech Stack
In today’s tech-centric world, a winning real estate tech stack is required to improve your client experiences, attract and retain top agents to your brokerage.
Eric Tsai Feb 14, 2020
real estate tech for brokers

When was the last time you updated your brokerage’s tech stack? Technology plays a pivotal role in streamlining workflows, staying organized, and boosting productivity in the real estate business — and brokerages need to remain on the cutting edge to stay relevant.

In today’s tech-centric world, a winning real estate tech stack is required to improve your client experiences, attract and retain top agents to your brokerage, and also maintain a competitive edge within the local market.

When so much of your brokerage’s success lies in technology, don’t let your tech-stack become outdated. Use these 4 points to determine if it’s time for an upgrade:

Your Brokerage is Growing

The first sign that your tech toolbelt may need some adjusting is if your brokerage is growing. When scaling a brokerage, it’s impossible to expect that the old technological processes will be able to keep up with the increased operations. Instead, growing brokerages need to consider how their tech tools can grow with them.

Expanding business means you’ll need sufficient infrastructure to support those adjustments. When you’re reconfiguring your business module to accommodate for growth, make sure that you’re not forgetting to consider your brokerage technologies.

Whether you’re resizing, restructuring, or taking on a new direction; your tech stack can’t be left behind.

Productivity is Slowing Down

Have you been noticing a slowdown in productivity lately? If so, you should take a look at your real estate tech performance levels. Don’t be quick to think it’s merely ‘slow season’ or that your agents are undergoing a lapse in motivation. Instead, it’s likely technology to blame.

Over time, older software will begin to decline in performance. Wait times increase as lagging becomes part of your agents’ workday, tons of ‘error’ messages continually pop-up, system failures - the list goes on. If your brokerage’s agents are dealing with these disruptions on the daily, the decline in productivity is completely tech-based.

This would be a huge red flag that is pointing your brokerage towards a new, efficient, and reinvigorated tech stack.

Unsatisfactory Tech Performance

Unsatisfactory tech performance is a major inconvenience to your team of agents, and difficult processes aren’t helping your brokerage retain the best talent. Instead, an unrealistic amount of busy work can actually be pushing them away.

In order for your brokerage to attract (and keep) experienced, professional, and passionate agents; your technologies need to remain a top incentive.

Security Needs an Extra Boost

Real estate compiles a lot of data. Between CRMs and the records of all past deals, your brokerage is holding on to a lot of sensitive information. Increased security is another big reason to consider updating your brokerage tech stack.

If your brokerage has been the target of any cyber attacks lately, it’s time to take action and begin upgrading and strengthening your antivirus defenses. This way, your clients can feel confident when doing business with your brokerage.

Don’t let your brokerage fall behind - take action before it’s too late. If you’re interested in learning about how Asteroom’s 3D tour services can benefit your brokerage, visit our website to get in contact with our dedicated team of experts.

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