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3 Unique Ways 3D Tours are Being Used Across the Globe
Stay up to date with all of the latest 3D touring trends with these 3 global trends
Eric Tsai Mar 6, 2020

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3D tours are spearheading global industries as they’re being used to boost business and come up with creative solutions to common pain points. The applications of 3D touring technologies go beyond the norm as they begin to tap into diverse marketplaces all around the world.

If you thought virtual tours were only being created to enhance property listings, you couldn't be more wrong. Stay up to date with all of the latest 3D touring trends with these 3 global trends:

Renovation Projects Reimagined

Virtual tour technology is redefining the renovation process. Whether it’s a new business move or a residential property upgrade, renovations aren’t always easy. One of the most difficult aspects of these investments is to help homeowners envision the end result. But, with virtual tours, this issue can be easily solved.

This can be especially useful for renovation companies. Companies like BoxBrownie can come up with a myriad of different looks for a room or home, but with a 3D tour, they can really showcase what that room or home will look like. This technology has proven to attract new customers and improve customer satisfaction. It’s also a great way for luxury home renovators to justify their design and mock-up fees.

Flipping Houses on a Global Scale

The house-flipping industry is heating up thanks to the advances in virtual tour technology. Digital touring is allowing house flipping professionals to market their listings to remote buyers - including those who are overseas.

Before virtual tours were being used for marketing properties online, sellers were limited in their pool of buyers. Prospective buyers needed to be in the local area to actually visit the property, which was the usual first step in moving forward with a serious deal. Otherwise, an interested buyer who was located outside of the listing’s region was forced to travel and coordinate in order to see a full property.

While this was a great setback on the typical one-time seller, it was even more thwarting to house flippers.

But, this has all changed with 3D digital touring. Digital tours bring your property to the global marketplace by alleviating the major limitation of distance. Anyone anywhere has access to a walkthrough tour via an online listing. This allows flippers to bring their business module to an entirely new level - booting both profits and success.

Similarly, real estate investors are able to scale their house flipping business from a local to national scale by viewing and purchasing flip-worthy properties (and, thus, working with agents) that are out of state.

Showing Commercial Clients A Project’s Possibility

Virtual tours are increasing the probability of real estate deal’s being sealed while the property’s still in development. In the same way that 3D touring is overcoming the inhibitions of distance by allowing sellers to interact with a global market, they’re also transcending the borders of time.

Virtual tours can map a project’s plans into a 3D environment instantly - bringing a project to life in a way that’s never been possible until now. This way, prospective tenants can see and interact with a development project even before it’s finished being built.

Commercial real estate is taking full advantage of this capability by marketing its pre-buildout or in-construction properties to prospective tenants. The office, multifamily, and retail sectors are using this technology to close deals faster - which is incredibly beneficial for business.

As you can see, 3D tours are playing a big role in enhancing global business modules for many different industries. Visit the Asteroom to learn more about getting started with this winning technology!

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