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4 Tips for New Agents Trying to Stand Out in Their Market
All agents need to come up with winning strategies to help them stand out from the crowd
Eric Tsai Mar 6, 2020

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Real estate is an incredibly competitive business. In order to cultivate success, all agents need to come up with winning strategies to help them stand out from the crowd and get noticed - especially when doing business in a highly saturated market.

While all agents need to upgrade their self-marketing strategies, new agents need the most help. It’s tough being the ‘new guy’ in the world of real estate. When competing with professionals who have been active in the industry for years, have an existing pool of loyal clients, and are recognized in the local market; it seems like new agents are fighting an uphill battle towards success.

Fortunately, there are tons of ways that agents can stand out within their real estate markets; and the Asteroom team is here to help! Use these 4 tips to elevate yourself above competitive agents and make your own special mark on real estate.

Be Interactive: Engage with Prospective Clients

The real estate business is all about people. Making connections and networking are essential aspects of the job description. In today’s market, technological advances changing the way that real estate agents interact with their clients.

Clients are looking for real estate agents who are available and communicative. To deliver this highly-coveted agent characteristic, real estate professionals need to sharpen their engagement skills.

One such way to boost client engagement is by adding a live chat feature to your website. There are tons of tech software companies that offer products that text agent’s cellphones when a live-chat request is sent to their emails. There is also the option of setting up AI-powered chat boxes that can answer frequently-asked questions based on the information provided by the site owner.

There are tons of options out there, but many agents don’t take the extra step and offer these communication-boosting services. Agents who do employ these tools are not only outshining competitors but also showing clients that they care whilst doing so.

Culture is Key: Focus on Personal Branding

Company culture has been a popular focal point in contemporary business. It seems like everyone is looking for ways to hone in on their brand culture, build a community around their services, and turn one-time clients into repeat sources of business.

Real estate isn’t exempt from these personal branding considerations. Both new and seasoned agents need to hone in on their personal brand to compete in today’s highly-individualized industry.

Building up brand culture is all about coherence. Whether it’s a website, social media account, business card, or even an in-person meeting with a client; every aspect of the process should be unified. From deals to advertisements, agents should strive to add their personal touch to everything they do.

Technology is a great way to achieve this. Make sure that your online (and printed) voice is consistent on all of your different platforms to help prospective clients get accustomed to your flow as an agent. Pay attention to graphic design, too. Visual style plays a huge role in establishing a brand identity within the online marketplace.

SEO: Help Attract Clients

Is your site easy to find on the web? If not, it’s time to perfect the art of search engine optimization.

SEO increases website traffic by increasing the relevant exposure received by your online profiles. A great way to explore your current SEO capacity is by using a tool like Google My Business that helps companies connect with their clients. It helps web users find your website easier and more directly - driving new leads into your sales funnel.

Another tip to consider is content creation. A strong website is filled with solid content that can drive web users to your site - whether they’re looking for information or an agent. White papers, blog posts, and articles are all great things to publish.

Stay Current: Tech-Savvy Agents Do It Better

Harnessing the powers of technology is a must in today’s real estate industry. Integrating the industry’s top tech tools into the agent workflow is imperative for agents who want to keep current. Otherwise, you risk being outshined by tech-centric competition.

It’s no secret that real estate clients love technology. Today’s buyers and sellers are looking for agents who employ tech to help them cultivate successful transactions.

Buyers want sellers who are plugged into market technologies and can find them exclusive deal opportunities. Sellers want to work with an agent that uses the latest marketing strategies to connect their home with prospective buyers.

Examples of tech-fueled strategies that stand out to sellers are virtual tour services that can be viewed as videos or interacted with, HD videography, and property-specific landing pages on a website. These specialized platforms keep clients engaged, attract more website traffic, and elevate your services above competitors.

These 4 tips will help real estate agents leave their mark on the industry. Check out the Asteroom website to see how our premier virtual tour product is enhancing agents’ real estate game.

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