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4 Ways to Stay Engaged with Your Sphere During COVID-19
During difficult times, slacking on social media is something none of us can afford.
Eric Tsai May 14, 2020

In a world where social distancing protocols are ubiquitously impacting business, maintaining client engagement is key for keeping the momentum strong.

This is especially vital for real estate, where success comes from networking and sparking connections. All things considered, how can agents continue winning new listings and clients during this tough time?

Achieving this goal lies in expanding your sphere of influence via digital marketing - and these new necessities aren’t short-lived. A seamless web presence is required for the upcoming tech-trends on the industry’s horizon.

There’s no better time to invest in perfecting your digital marketing strategies, helping your business stay competitive today and thrive tomorrow.

Don’t let this pandemic stunt your business growth. Turn it into an opportunity for success with these 4 ways to stay engaged during COVID-19.

#1. Shape Your Social Media Management

During difficult times like these, slacking on social media is something none of us can afford.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn provides real estate pros with an uninterrupted outlet where business communication can happen. Even as the entire globe seems to be restricted, social media is not subject to the same safety protocols - making it a ‘safe space’ during this pandemic.

It’s giving real estate professionals a chance to stay connected with their community, engage with potential clients, and keep their sales funnel flowing. Kick start this process by upping your content and becoming a thought-leader.

Action Step: Content Creation

A great way to get started is by using your profiles as a casual blog alternative. Not only is it easy and sustainable, but your content is more likely to get hits when it’s posted on a public forum that’s already buzzing with users, versus a separate web page.

Post your content on Facebook Notes or as LinkedIn articles, jot down tips for new home buyers and sellers, and share it with your sphere.

#2. Get Going with Google My Business

Don’t make clients go through a maze to find you online. Make it easy and perfect your SEO with Google My Business.

This platform creates a synthesized, easy-access jump-off point that links to all of your web accounts. It includes contact information, website links, and all affiliated social media profiles. This way, nearby sellers can easily find you and your listings by including “near me” in their searches.

Action Step: Maximize your Web Traffic

A step-by-step guide to setting up your Google my Business account.

#3. Provide Digital Alternatives

The last thing you want to do is say ‘no’ to a client’s request because you’re limited by COVID’s effects. Instead, go out of your way to provide digital alternatives for every step of the deal.

Since walkthrough tours are a no-go right now, include virtual tours for your listings. If potential sellers would like a home valuation, let them know you can do it online with a FaceTime call, photos of the property, and other tech-powered alternatives.

Don’t reject clients. Make it happen with ingenuity, creativity, and dedication.

Action Step: Go Public with New Protocols

Clients won’t know what’s available to them if you’re not publicizing it. When you establish seamless digital transitions; update your web profiles, inform your email community, and broadcast the latest news.

Not only does this generate content, but it also helps your community stay informed amid this constantly-evolving situation.

#4. Harness the Powers of Video Content

Videos provide a real-life experience in a time when they’ve never been more vital. Streaming videos, going live, and sharing interactive content lets you instantly connect to your sphere. It’s as easy as shooting a video on your phone and sharing it with your e-community.

Action Step: Go Live

If you’re new to ‘going live’, check out this comprehensive look at all things live on social media.

Step outside of your comfort zone and explore these 4 opportunities for expanding your sphere of influence. If you’re ready to enhance your online presence with Asteroom’s stunning 360 virtual tours,  start free trial now!

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