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5 Clients Seeing Success from Using Asteroom
Realtors, agents, brokers, property photographers, and sales representatives apply Asteroom to their business models to stay competitive.
Eric Tsai May 14, 2020

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As virtual tours become increasingly prevalent within real estate, this cutting-edge technology is generating success for the trend’s early adopters.

Asteroom’s high-quality results, unparalleled affordability, and user-friendly creation process have been a game-changer for digital 3D property tours. As an innovative figurehead in virtual touring, Asteroom is fueling success for real estate professionals involved in every aspect of the business.

Realtors, agents, brokers, property photographers, and sales representatives all apply Asteroom to their business models to stay competitive as the industry's need for virtual walk-through tours grows exponentially.

There’s no better way to highlight Asteroom’s product value than by sharing examples of real-life user experiences. Sit back, relax, and check out what 5 of our clients have to say about Asteroom:

Real Estate Team Leaders

Dan Rojas, founder and leader of The Power Team brokered by eXp Realty operating out of Central Florida, says Asteroom is a great solution for many dilemmas his team deals with in the field. After hearing about Asteroom, he one day decided to check it out and said he immediately realized it was "the best new 3D Touring tech out there” for his listings and clients.

Dan said that Asteroom’s affordable tours allow his team to give all of their listings the BEST marketing reach potentials - not just the multimillion-dollar luxury ones. Besides helping his practice expand their web influence and win more deals, The Power Team is now better equipped to meet the needs of remote buyers.

“Asteroom was the solution for getting the home sold, site-unseen”, says Dan. “A potential buyer was able to browse and ‘roam’ the home virtually and decided this was the fit for them. Needless to say, the seller, tenants, and buyers were all so pleased with the efficiency Asteroom gave us in this circumstance.”

Dan recommends Asteroom to many of his colleagues, saying “this is a must-have for real estate professionals.”

Industry Photographers

As the founder and CEO of the largest non-contracted real estate photography company in Illinois, Jonathan Walt uses Asteroom to impress clients and build his business. JWalt Photography creates high-end virtual tours with Asteroom for clients looking to market their homes at an affordable price.

“The ease of use in taking images is my favorite feature. It is also easy to move around without being heavy. Switching from the Matterport, I was always struggling to lift the heavy camera and tripod safely. The Dollhouse was also an amazing feature that was once only available on Matterport. The dollhouse feature not only gives the layout of the home, but it is also a cool feature to help out agents to get the wow from their sellers,” says Walt. “Most importantly, Asteroom is so much faster than Matterport, and even faster when using Insta 360 One X.”

The easy-to-create nature of Asteroom lets Walt impress clients with quick product deliveries - fueling business growth and industry prevalence. In appreciation of Asteroom’s creative freedoms for photographers, Walt stated that “Asteroom has been a breath of fresh air in a very tough industry.”

Sales and Leasing

Kayla, a Realtor working in property sales, loves how easy Asteroom is to use. Admittedly not the most tech-savvy person, she still finds Asteroom’s simple and straight-forward. “Asteroom helps my clients get a more accurate idea of what my listings look like and how they flow.” Kayla’s clients love to ‘walk through the properties’ from their computers, generating more web traffic for her site.

After creating tours for 6 months, Asteroom-user Tim says that “it has helped me set myself apart from the competition by being able to show I will do something very few other agents in the area are currently doing.”

Within a day of posting a 3D virtual tour, Asteroom client Brianne’s listing got more than 150 views. Besides catching the eyes of buyers, “it helps our selling clients feel like we’re doing everything possible to help sell their home.” Thanks to Asteroom, Brianne’s business can compete with the bigger guys - affordably, easily, and stress-free.

All biases aside, the Asteroom team believes in our product and the real estate professionals using our 3D tours to enhance their real estate marketing strategy. To learn more about how Asteroom is empowering real estate careers, visit our website. Or, try Asteroom out for yourself and give our free trial a whirl!

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