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Mars 3D Staging: The New Frontier of Virtual Staging is Ever Expanding
The possibilities of virtual staging
Eric Tsai Mar 26, 2021

Setting the stage—literally:

With the Mars Rover landing a few weeks ago, Asteroom has decided to tag along to show the world that virtually any property (even the red planet) can be staged well. If you think staging your property well is difficult, you can try covering up the craters on Mars. Although this extraterrestrial property isn’t up for sale yet, the staging work done by Asteroom will enable the red planet to be the hottest property in the milky way. Check out a future staged mars base.

Why stage?

Staging is one of the most important aspects of marketing any property. Unstaged homes spend an average of 184 more days on the market in comparison to staged homes. Virtual staging in specific is the most cost-effective and technologically advanced way to stage a property. Starting at $35/image, virtual staging can help property owners stage their entire house at nearly 1/10th of the cost of physical staging.

Different types of 3D staging:

Asteroom is the nation’s leading virtual tour provider. We have a variety of 3D staging offerings depending on the rooms and staging style a property owner prefers. Some of the different styles Asteroom helps stage include:

  • Contemporary
  • Industrial
  • Farmhouse
  • Traditional and more

Why stage now in this real estate market?

Increased online engagement: Online engagement is one of the primary factors in how quickly property can be sold. Staging provides property with an aesthetic and professional presentation to an online audience. By marketing the property well with good staging, properties will sell faster and receive more offers from prospects.

Branding: When a property is staged well, it will impress more clients and win more listing presentations. The overall branding for the property increases significantly when accompanied with staging. 3D staging in particular enhances the features of a home and provides a virtual experience that physical staging cannot compete with.

Save money: In addition to improving branding, 3D staging helps save significant money. For physical staging, the costs can be well into the thousands of dollars. This is because the average cost for consultation is between $300-500 and each additional room can cost upwards of $500 to be staged. Virtual staging starts at $35/image and will cost a fraction of physical staging.

Convenience for homeowners: Staging a property allows for added convenience for homeowners. 3D staging allows homeowners to make changes after the staging is done in addition to staging rooms with existing furniture. This is far easier and less time-intensive than traditional staging.

3D staging works all properties, not just high-end ones. Whether you are looking to showcase the red planet or properties in your city, 3D staging will allow you to highlight every aspect of your property. Click here to start your first tour today.

See the virtual staged Mars:

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