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How Berkshire Hathaway Fox & Roach Utilized Asteroom 3D Tours To Sell Properties Faster
Fox & Roach explored 3D tours and the impact it can have on their agents’ listings. Asteroom was selected as the technology partner to help bring 3D tours to Fox&Roach’s listings.
Eric Tsai Jun 28, 2021


Asteroom worked with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices (hereafter BHHS) Fox & Roach, REALTORS to help improve the quality of listing promotion and adoption. BHHS is the largest brokerage in America by sales and Fox & Roach is the largest brokerage of the BHHS franchise. With over 5,500 sales professionals on staff, Asteroom had a huge opportunity to innovate on behalf of Fox & Roach to help agents sell properties faster and at better prices.

Asteroom worked alongside Rajeev Sajja, senior vice president of digital marketing & innovation at Fox & Roach. Sajja played a significant role in helping agents at Fox & Roach market their properties better. He welcomed the collaboration with Asteroom to bring 3D tours to agents and delight Fox & Roach clients.


With over 5,500 personnel working in sales at Fox & Roach, any solution that Fox & Roach management would implement had to be scalable. With many agents working with Fox Roach, a significant pain point was the quality of listings. Fox & Roach wanted to have luxury listings that stood out from competitors. As one of the best brokerages in the U.S., they wanted their listings to represent their quality of service.

It is virtually impossible to monitor tens of thousands of listings for quality, so Fox & Roach needed a solution that would create a standard of quality amongst listings. Although the listings for agents were industry standard, they still did not drive the demand that Fox & Roach hoped for.

This led to less than ideal listing engagements, appointments and overall sales. It was clear to Fox & Roach management that listing quality had a direct impact on KPIs like listing appointments and sales. In order to improve those KPIs and bring more value to agents, a solution that improved listing quality for all agents was needed. The solution also needed to be cost-effective, so thousands of agents can deploy it in their listings.

Fox & Roach explored 3D tours and the impact it can have on their agents’ listings. Asteroom was selected as the technology partner to help bring 3D tours to Fox&Roach’s listings.


Fox & Roach considered Asteroom and Matterport as technology partners to incorporate 3D tours in their listings. The selection for a technology partner was narrowed down to Asteroom and Matterport because Fox & Roach needed a 3D tour solution that can be deployed at scale. Ultimately, Asteroom was selected due to being able to meet Fox&Roach’s needs cost-effectively. In fact, Asteroom was able to meet Fox&Roach’s demands for the project at a fraction of the cost of Matterport.

Asteroom also answered several of the reservations that Fox & Roach had regarding the use of 3D tours. The reservations included:

The scalability of 3D tours: Fox & Roach was unsure how 3D tours can be implemented to thousands of agents’ listings without a large time and resource commitment from their end. Asteroom provided a scalable offer that required no additional effort from Fox & Roach.

Quality of customer service: Fox & Roach knew they would need technical support as they tried to help many agents incorporate 3D tours for their listings. Asteroom provided round-the-clock customer service at no additional cost to Fox & Roach. Asteroom incorporated 3D tours throughout Fox & Roach’s listings and drove key KPIs for agents.

Cost: Fox & Roach wanted to use 3D tours without going over their budget for the services provided. Asteroom worked with Fox & Roach to develop and implement a financial plan that would ensure a positive ROI for Fox & Roach throughout the duration of the partnership.


Asteroom’s partnership with Fox & Roach produced several measurable benefits:

Ease of 3D tour creation by agents

One of the first benefits of the Asteroom/Fox & Roach partnership is the ease of 3D tour creation provided to by agents. After working with Asteroom, agents continued to make 3D tours easily and incorporate it into more listings. After creating the first few 3D tours, agents continued to easily create 3D tours for their properties without help from Asteroom and Fox Roach.

Client satisfaction

Clients were delighted with the added value of adding 3D tours to their listings. This helped get more viewership to listings and helped sell properties faster and at better prices. Clients expressed great satisfaction and reviews with agents that offered 3D tours to sellers. This helped agents establish their brand and get organic referrals from satisfied clients.

Recruiting and retention

When Fox & Roach incorporated 3D tours into many of their listings, they added significant value for existing agents and attracted new agents to their brokerage. Many brokerages today are losing agents to 100% brokerages. The adoption of 3D tours at Fox & Roach helped dramatically in their recruiting and retention efforts.

Since the partnership with Asteroom, Fox & Roach has continued to incorporate new technologies to differentiate themselves from other brokerages. The abundant resources provided by Fox & Roach have played a large part in retaining top-performing agents.

What value can Asteroom bring to other brokerages like Fox Roach?

  • Affordability: Incorporating 3D tour across all listings at a cost-effective rate
  • Quality: High quality 3D tours that add to the digital presentation of a listing
  • Scalability: Ability to enable agents to use their own devices to shoot high quality 3D tours
  • Customer service: Round the clock customer service to address all technical and business needs regarding the use of 3D tours

To learn how your brokerage can incorporate 3D tours, talk to an expert here.

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