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Brokers: Train and Retain the Best Agents with Top Technology
Does your real estate technology stack help you recruit, train, and retain rockstar agents?
Eric Tsai Feb 5, 2020

Brokers - does your real estate technology stack help you recruit, train, and retain rockstar agents?

Real estate brokers are expected to provide the best technology on the market to help their team of agents stand out. If you’re not giving your agents what they need to succeed, they’ll find another brokerage who will.

Technology plays a huge role in attracting top agents and, more importantly, keeping them around. In today’s industry, virtual tours are setting agents apart from the competition and creating online listings that deliver the ‘wow’ factor.

Virtual tours are taking the business by storm. Here’s why brokers should provide their agents with 3D tour technology:

Help Your Agents Dominate Social Media

Social media is brimming with real estate agents, so how can your team members stand out amongst the crowd?

Virtual tour technologies are spearheading social media’s real estate community. Virtual tours generate great content that agents can easily post on their social profiles. By creating a high-quality virtual tour for all of their listings, your agents will have endless stores of web-ready content.

Virtual tours are eye-catching and beautiful elements that will let your agents shine, help them expand their social profiles, and boost post engagements.

Agents Want Access to Top Technology

Don’t think your agents are indifferent about access to technology.

Today’s real estate agents are demanding tech integration. They want their brokers to provide them the tools and software they need to compete in the intense field of real estate. Agents are serious about this and are willing to leave a brokerage that isn’t meeting their digital standards.

Even after you’ve landed a talented new team member, the only way to hold on to great agents is by employing the benefits of technology.

Show Your Agents That You’re Invested in their Success

Talented real estate agents want to be apart of a brokerage that’s invested in their personal success. Just because agents are working for a team doesn’t mean their individual careers are on the backburner.

On the contrary, agents are trying to improve their position as a real estate professional even while they’re at a brokerage. Brokerages who understand this agent need will be better equipped to attract and retain top talent.

A great way to show your agents that you care is by training them to use industry-shaking technologies like virtual tour software. Agents will be gaining a lasting value-boost by being exposed to hot technologies.

Contemporary agents are demanding technological integration. Is your brokerage delivering? If you’re looking to cultivate a team of real estate experts, make sure you’re giving your agents access to virtual tour technologies.

To learn more about Asteroom’s value proposition for real estate professionals, visit our website.

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