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3 Ways to Improve the Marketing of Your Listings in 2020
Today’s world of real estate doesn’t just happen ‘in-person’ — it happens on social media, too.
Eric Tsai Feb 27, 2020

the Marketing of Your House Listings

Agents, looking for new and exciting ways to market your for-sale listings? The new year provides us a great opportunity to put a fresh spin on the way we’re marketing our available properties.

If your listing isn’t helping your property stand out amongst the competition, it may mean it’s time to make some improvements. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at some modern real estate marketing strategies that will bring you up to speed with the latest contemporary trends.

Creating a successful listing is the first step towards cultivating a profitable, timely, and streamlined property transaction. Check out these 3 strategies that are helping agents improve the way they’re marketing their listings:

Upping Your Social Media Strategy

Today’s world of real estate doesn’t just happen ‘in-person’ — it happens on social media, too. Professionals in the field need to make sure that they’re helping their clients’ listings make a seamless transition into social media. And, this doesn’t mean sharing the listing on your Facebook page and then forgetting it.

Savvy real estate agents are utilizing everything from Instagram Stories and Facebook Live to boosted posts and paid advertisements to get more eyes on their listings.

For example, go “Live” on Facebook from your Open House to showcase the home and give your followers the ability to ask questions in real-time. Or, spend $20 boosting a Facebook post to people in that ZIP code and a surrounding radius of 20- to 30-miles. You’ll probably be surprised what $20 can do for your reach!

Create Single-Property Websites

When it comes to the web, agents are encouraged to take it one step further this year. As we continue moving towards a tech-powered society, there’s no better time than the present to strengthen your professional online presence.

Single-property websites are a great way to shine online and amplify the marketing of your listings in 2020. In the past, creating a single-property website was expensive and was typically used only for “high-end, luxury listings. Today, that’s no longer the case. Technology has advanced so much that nearly every real estate website company offers single-property websites as an add-on service to your existing website package.

What’s more, technologies like Asteroom provide a wealth of new content to include on your single-property site. A 3D tour on a single-property website can not only help increase your search engine discoverability, but it will also provide prospective buyers with an in-depth look at the listing. This is a great way to keep interested visitors on your site for longer and can increase the quality of your leads, as they’ve likely found the site by looking for something very specific.

Plus, agents who create landing pages for all of their clients’ listings have an edge over competing agents who don’t. Be sure to include beautiful HD imagery and all of the necessary accompanying information about the property.

Your website provider can help you execute this idea. Just imagine having a URL like — that is sure to impress your seller clients, get more eyes on your listing, and help you win future listing presentations.

3D/Virtual Tours Asteroom

As stated above, visuals play a vital role in helping prospective buyers understand and experience your property. Why not raise the bar past the typical photos and videos with the latest real estate technology trend?

By harnessing advanced VR and AR tech, virtual tours are spearheading the real estate industry. 3D property tours are providing prospective buyers with greater access to information and a better view of the property - all via their digital devices. In addition, they’re also helping sellers market to buyers who aren’t in their local areas.

Agents should consider creating 3D property tours for all of their listings. With Asteroom’s premier 3D/virtual tour services, this is easier and more cost-effective than ever before.

What’s more, Asteroom’s 3D tours can be quickly and easily turned into short videos, which are great for the social media strategies we mentioned before! It can also be added to your single-property website for even more marketing oomph!

Make 2020 your best year in the real estate business yet with Asteroom. If you’re interested in learning more about how Asteroom can enhance your market listing strategy in 2020 and beyond, visit our website.

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