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Teaser Videos: How to Leverage Video Marketing to Sell Your Listing
Real estate listings with videos receive over 400% more inquiries than listings without videos.
Eric Tsai May 26, 2021

Real estate listings with videos receive over 400% more inquiries than listings without videos. The same property with the same features can get more than 4 times the exposure by simply adding a short video of the property. Video is a great medium to establish trust with customers and the National Association of Realtors has found that over 36% of buyers use video as an informative source in their home buying journey. In this post, you will learn how you use Asteroom and its teaser videos to help market and sell your property.

What is a teaser video?

The teaser video is a short promotional video that shows buyers many features of your property. Many brands and companies use teaser videos for commercials, product launches and more. Asteroom wants to help you use that same video marketing to build engagement for your property.

The teaser video allows customers to get a brief virtual walkthrough of the property. Asteroom provides you a free teaser video along with each 3D tour purchased. This video can be added to your listings, shown to customers at presentations, added to social media profiles and more.

Once you finish a 3D tour, you can download the teaser video on a web browser. Here’s a link to a sample teaser video to get a better understanding.

Benefits of the teaser video:

There are numerous benefits of using a teaser video. Some of the primary benefits that accompany an Asteroom teaser video include:

Positioning your property as a premium property: There are over 2 million agents and brokers in the U.S. A teaser video will quickly separate you from your competition. When a buyer comes across your property’s listing, it automatically stands out. The teaser video provides a short and interactive introduction to your property.

Build trust with buyers: Purchasing a property is one of the biggest decisions in a buyer’s life. Anything you can do to build trust between you and the buyer will facilitate the chances of a sale. In today’s real estate market, the buyers can only judge your property by your virtual presentation. A teaser video indicates to the buyer that this property is real and the features listed are accurate. Bridging the gap between the buyer and the seller can be done with the use of a teaser video.

Social proof: Social proof is paramount in today’s economy. Prior to making any decision, buyers today will look at reviews, how a website looks and any other public online information. A teaser video is a great way to establish social proof and bring organic visitors to your listing.

In fact, listings with an embedded video receive 157% more organic traffic. By integrating a video into your pages and listings, you can help grow your traffic while simultaneously building social proof.

Email marketing: Teaser videos are also extremely helpful in email marketing. Agents use email marketing to establish their brands and help sell properties. Video in intro emails from agents received a 96% increase in click-through rates. This tremendous increase in conversions is directly tied to incorporating video in email marketing.

How to best use teaser video to market listings:

Although teaser videos are always beneficial to add to a listing or page, how you do it is very important. The positioning of the teaser video is crucial for increasing traffic and page views. Some of the best strategies for using teaser videos include:

Optimize position on page: The teaser video will likely be the first thing a customer sees. It should be easily seen and accessible by the visitor. You can try experimenting with where to place it on the page for maximum effectiveness.

Using language that converts: The language used on the teaser video is very important. Pay attention to the copy that is used because it will have an impact on how well the teaser video converts customers.

Be mindful of the target audience: The target audience will have a substantial impact on how a teaser video performs. For example, TikTok audiences are far different than Facebook audiences. The language and teaser video should be tailored to how an audience will react to the teaser video.

Add subtitles: Subtitles are very important to have on videos. Platforms like YouTube give viewers the ability to add subtitles, but many other platforms will not. In addition to being accessible to more viewers, subtitles make a video look more professional and the messaging is clearer.

Add CTA or contact information at the end: After doing all the hard work of optimizing your video, don’t forget to add a call to action or your contact information on there. Many of the viewers of the teaser video will not be on your website or listing. Having a call to action with your contact information is crucial to helping you turn visitors into customers.

Integrating video across all marketing channels

Video is extremely effective when marketed well, just having the video will not drive results. To maximize the impact of video marketing, you need to incorporate it into all marketing channels. Some strategies you can deploy include:

  • Integrating video into emails
  • Adding teaser video in ads
  • Adding video social media channels, especially video-friendly ones like:
    • Facebook
    • TikTok
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • YouTube

Incorporating a teaser video is an essential step in marketing any listing. The strategies listed above will help you turn visitors into prospects for your property. Asteroom wants to help you reach the largest audience possible to sell your property. To do this, Asteroom will provide you a free teaser video with the purchase of a 3D tour. You can incorporate it on social media, emails and more. To learn how to download your teaser video, follow this easy instructional guide here.

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