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Why Agents Need 3D Tours To Win Listings
To stand out from their competition with the amount of value they bring to the seller
Eric Tsai Jul 27, 2021

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With nearly 2 million licensed agents in the U.S. [Source], the competition to win listings is fierce. Agents are deploying a variety of strategies to impress sellers and win listings. Top agents have revealed one of their key strategies to win listings is to stand out from their competition with the amount of value they bring to the seller [Source]. By providing the most value to the seller, the agent is far more likely to win the listing.

One of the primary ways agents can stand out from the competition is to provide 3D tours for sellers. Asteroom’s recent survey found that over 96% of sellers think that using a 3D tour in their listing will help sell their property better. With only 5% of the agents using 3D tours to sell properties nationwide, using 3D tours will help you stand out to a seller dramatically.

Not only does this give a competitive advantage for winning listings, 3D tours have repeatedly been proven to help sell homes faster and at higher prices. Many studies concluded that 3D tours sell properties up to 31% faster and up to 9% higher prices [Source].

What do home sellers care about?

In order to win a listing, an agent must really know what home sellers want in their selling experience. By being aware of what sellers are looking for, the agent can market better to the seller and increase the chances of winning a listing.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) conducted an in-depth survey on home sellers and found several key findings.

  1. 3D tours were among the top technology solutions that home sellers used to market their property
  2. Sellers who sold homes after the pandemic were more 11% likely to use technologies like 3D tours to help sell their homes
  3. Homes that used 3D tours typically sold at higher prices between 4-9% [Source]
There are a few primary motivators for home sellers. They include:

Sell home competitively: Sellers want agents that will sell their home at a competitive price. One of the key reasons why sellers use agents is to maximize the final sale price of the home. Agents can win listings by convincing the seller they can sell their home at a higher price with the use of 3D tours. 3D tours can increase the final sale price of a property anywhere between 4-9%.

Sell within a given time frame: The other primary motivator for home sellers is to get their property sold in a specific time frame. Agents can win listings from sellers by educating them on the average time frames of property sales in their market and offering 3D tours to expedite the sale of the house. 3D tours have been proven to sell a property up to 10% faster [Source].

How do home sellers choose agents?

NAR research has shown the single most important factor that home sellers care about is reputation. In the NAR study, all demographics and ages listed the agent’s reputation as the top factor in selecting an agent. The finding from the study is strengthened by the fact that 77% of sellers only contact one agent before settling on an agent. [Source]

A strong reputation is built by two elements:

Ensuring customer satisfaction: 

Happy customers refer future clients for agents. Providing an enjoyable selling experience is crucial for improving customer satisfaction. Client satisfaction is the primary catalyst for agents gaining referrals. This is crucial for an agent’s business because NAR has shown that referrals are one of the top ways that sellers find agents. [Source]

3D tours are one of the best ways to improve client satisfaction. In fact, Asteroom found that 96% of surveyed sellers believe that 3D tours will help sell their properties better. 3D tours are more cost-effective than traditional strategies and tools that agents use to improve client satisfaction

Improving customer satisfaction and referrals are important to getting listing presentations, but agents have to close and win the listing presentation. This can be done by providing tremendous value to the seller in the listing presentation.

Capture more listings by pitching 3D tours during listing presentations

During listing presentations, agents can capture more listings by pitching 3D tours to sellers. There are several strategies that agents can use to pitch 3D tours during listing presentations; they include:

Ask about what buyers desire and technologies that will help sell the home:

The majority of sellers will not have an adequate answer to this since they rely mainly on traditional strategies to sell their house. Pitching 3D tours after asking this question will help sell the seller on using them and you can use data to show how 3D tours help sell properties faster and at higher prices.

Additionally, ask your seller why would buyers drop their weekend plans just to come to your seller’s open house? This can be an opportunity to pitch how 3D tours can add convenience to buyers who are unable to make it to the seller’s open house.

Teach about out-of-state investors:

Many sellers are unaware of just how many out-of-state investors are looking to purchase homes in their area. In order for out-of-state investors to view the seller’s home as a viable investment property, they need to be able to see the property without visiting. This is a good opportunity to discuss how 3D tours can help capture those buyers and expand the pool of potential buyers for the seller’s property.

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