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What is the Asteroom Capture Service?
One of the highest quality photography services, 2D still photos and a 3D tour are included.
Eric Tsai Aug 4, 2021

The Asteroom Capture Service is Asteroom’s complete photography solution for selling properties. The service includes 2D photos, a 3D tour and it is performed by Asteroom-vetted photographers. It’s one of the highest quality photography services and it gives you the ability to supercharge your listings, automatically publish your listings to listing portals and more.

The Asteroom Capture Service was made to achieve both quality and affordability for 3D tours. In fact, the Asteroom Capture Service costs nearly 50% less of what agents would normally pay for Matterport’s capture service, stills and floor plans.

What are the qualifications of Asteroom photographers?

When evaluating a real estate photography service, one of the first details you should consider is the quality of photographers. A photography service is only as good as its photographers and the Capture Service has some of the best photographers in your area.

Asteroom takes the time to find, train and hire every single photographer for the Asteroom Capture Service. Some of the ways that Asteroom vets photographer is by:

  • Online & reading tests
  • In-person photography testing
  • Photography track record
  • The photographers on the Capture Service network are trained to meet the needs of agents
  • They can perform shoots without having the agent at the property

What’s a typical Asteroom photographer appointment like?

Your appointment is frictionless and extremely easy to set up. An appointment can be booked in minutes on the Asteroom website and you can set when you’d like your appointment to take place. After your booking is complete, the photographer arrives on time when they are scheduled and completes the shoot in 2 hours. The final results are sent in less than 48 hours.

Why should you choose Asteroom’s Capture service?

Service quality: The Capture Service meets the highest quality standards. You will be provided with 30 high-resolution HDR 2D photos and an immersive 3D tour of your property. Additionally, only the best photographers are in the Asteroom Capture Service network. Out of the photographers who apply for the Capture Service, only 10-20% of photographers are able to meet Asteroom’s standards.

Cost: The Asteroom Capture service is substantially cheaper than other capture services. In fact, Asteroom’s Capture service costs a fraction of competitors. Starting at $275, the Capture Service helps agents save hundreds of dollars in comparison to using professional photographers or competitors like Matterport. Brokerage discount is available to some of Asteroom’s partner brokerages.

In most of the U.S., 2D stills are still priced at $120 and Matterport charges $350. Additionally, floor plans are priced at $50 across most providers. Asteroom’s provides a complete package with all of these services that results in over $200 in savings compared to the market.

Convenience: Asteroom has one of the most convenient photography services for agents. Booking can be done in minutes and shoots can be done remotely. There’s flexible scheduling options for agents; for example, booking is open 24/7 for agents. This is much easier than booking professional photographers. The Capture Service helps photographers cater to agents instead of agents catering to photographers.



The Capture Service provides unique value for the agent, buyer, and seller. Some of the main benefits that the Capture Service provides for each of these groups include:

How do sellers benefit from the Capture Service?

Sellers gain several major benefits from the Capture Service, they include:

Time to close: The Capture Service accelerates the time to close for a property. This is because 3D tours have been proven by numerous studies to sell properties faster (up to 10%).

Larger pool of buyers: With 3D tours, sellers can attract buyers who live far from the property like remote and out-of-state buyers. Since 3D tours get more engagement and viewership on listing portals, the number of buyer leads will be increased for sellers that use 3D tours.

Higher selling price: 3D tours have also been proven to help sellers get higher selling prices for their properties. The demand that 3D tours generate can lead to bidding wars that help the seller have a higher selling price for the property.

How do buyers benefit from the Capture Service?

The Capture Service gives buyers the ability to explore all aspects of property without visiting. This is a huge benefit for buyers because it saves time and out-of-town buyers can view the property. Additionally, the Capture Service allows a property to be viewable 24/7. This allows buyers to view the property at their own leisure. By catering to the buyer’s desires, the leads from the Capture Service will be more qualified since they have a better understanding of the property.

The Capture Service empowers the modern buyer with convenience and insights. When buyers view a 3D tour of a property, they are far more likely to visit the property. This opens up the opportunity for buyers who live far from the property and remote/out of state buyers. Additionally, younger demographics are far more likely to visit a property with a 3D tour. Buyers in the 18-34 age group are 130% more likely to visit a property with a 3D tour.

How do agents benefit from the Capture Service?

The Capture Service enables agents to have more listings in a scarce environment; this is because the Capture Service allows photographers to shoot at a property without requiring the agent to be present. Additionally, the Capture Service allows agents to net more profit by being able to sell properties faster and at higher prices. 3D tours provide agents with more content and it also helps agents get better at pitching their prospective sellers in listing presentations.

99% of surveyed sellers stated they believe 3D tours will help sell their homes better. The increased customer satisfaction from providing 3D tours can result in more referrals for the agent.

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