Image Enhancement
Make the tours look bright and professional
panorama before retouching panorama after retouching
How to order Image Enhancement
step 1 create a tour
Step 1.
Shoot 360 photos, upload and create a tour.
step 2 click add-on features
Step 2.
Click "Services" in the tour to order.
step 3 place order and check out
Step 3.
Click "Submit order" to checkout. It will show estimated time of completion.
About Image Enhancement
USD$2 per pano. Turnover is usually one days but can take longer depending on the level of adjustment needed to be done.
We enhance images by editing the following aspects: brightness, color contrast, and color tone to produce incredible images.
Please confirm that you have included all the panos in the tour. Once you submit the order, you will not be able to modify the tour.
Once images have been edited with our enhancement service they cannot be reverted back to the original form or further edited.
You may change the thumbnails for your panoramas.Choose a panorama. Move around to where you want the numbnail to be. Then select “More” > Update thumbnail” in the toolbar. Or you also can do it in the web editor. Check how it works.
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