2D Floor Plan
Showcase the entire property layout to buyers
  • Includes room measurements
  • Provides a fully interactive Floor Plan
  • Straightforward icons and drawings
Floor Plan
Why include a 2D Floor Plan
include 1
Increased Buyer Interest
Click on listings up 52%
include 2
Generate More Leads and Higher Offers
Increase 35% more interest and double view rate
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Boost Buyer Engagement
81% of buyers stay longer on listings with Floor Plan
How to get your 2D Floor Plan
step 1
Step 1.
Floor plan is available for order after the dollhouse is completed.
step 2
Step 2.
After approving 3D Dollhouse, click "Services" in the tour and select 2D Floor Plan.
step 3
Step 3.
If you want to have dimensions in your floor plan, remember to put in the height of your tripod. Then click "Submit order".
About 2D Floor Plan
The delivery time for a 2D Floor Plan is 24 hours after ordering, excluding Sunday
The 2D Floor Plan will be converted from your 3D Dollhouse, so please verify the results of your 3D Dollhouse
Once a 2D Floor Plan is ordered, it can not be canceled or modified
For room dimensions, please input the height of the camera from the floor
Ensure the height of the camera is the same for all of the panoramic images
The dimensions are approximate with ± 10% margin of error for measurements
The rooms in the 3D Dollhouse must be named in English
You can download your 2D Floor Plans in your Asteroom web editor
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