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Find answers to your questions about the asteroom Pano Kit and online virtual tour

  • Step 1. Install the device

    1.Please download [ asteroom ] on Google Play or App Store. Enter your email address and password to login. If you haven't registered your account yet, you can also sign up with Facebook, Google+ or create an account.

    2.Turn on the rotator switch, place your phone with fisheye lens attached on the rotator. Please make sure the fisheye lens on your phone is vertically aligned with the rotator knob.

    3.Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, and the rotator will automatically connect to the app. (You don’t need to pair Bluetooth in the setting. Your phone will be automatically paired to the rotator).

    • The rotator uses the Bluetooth technology called BLE 4.0. It does not need to be paired in the setting. Instead, the Bluetooth will automatically pair when your phone’s Bluetooth and rotator switches are both turned on.
    • In order to successfully complete the Bluetooth connection, when you complete the above steps but the app's camera mode is still connected, or after disconnecting for a period of time, please restart your phone's Bluetooth and the rotator. They will automatically re-pair.

    4.Use of the tripod: When shooting the indoor space, the tripod will be used. We recommend to choose a stable and reliable tripod to avoid the jitter and skew caused by the rotator with your phone attached, thus affecting the quality of panorama.

  • Step 2. How to shoot a perfect 360° panorama

    1.For the fisheye lens position, check the picture below. Please align with the back camera of your phone.

    2.When shooting, it is recommended to find an environment where the lighting is even or slightly bright.

    3.Again, try to let your phone, fisheye lens, and rotator knob aligned in a straight vertical line.

  • Step 1. Take a panorama photo

    • a.Open the asteroom app.
    • b.Click the capture button to enter the shooting mode.
    • c.Click the capture button again to start shooting.When the phone and rotation meter stop, you have completed the 360° panoramic shooting. You can now move to the next room and continue shooting, until the all spaces are shot.
  • Step 2. Create a personal virtual tour

    After the shooting is complete, you can add a virtual tour by clicking “Adding new project” button. Follow the steps below:
    • a.Fill in the object name, description and location, etc.
    • b.Add a panorama.
    • c.Select the panorama you just took.
    • d.Upload.
    After uploading is complete, connect to the virtual tour.
  • Step 3. Connect to the virtual tour

    • a.Click your virtual tour object and opening the first panorama.
    • b.Click to add a hotspot.
    • c.Select the location to link to the next panorama.
    • d.Move the hotspot to the entry point of the next panorama.
    • e.Repeat this step until all the panoramas are connected.
  • Step 4. More tips and tricks!!

    Congratulations! Your virtual tour is ready to be shared with anyone! There are more available features, and you can click on the following links to learn how to edit and make your tour better:
  • 1.Set up your device
    • a.Use the high-pixel mobile phone

      The higher number of pixels in your mobile phone, the better photos will be taken. The asteroom app supports most iOS and Android phones. You can use the iPhone XS or Google Pixel phones to get high-resolution panoramas, and you can get amazing photo quality with just a regular phone.

      In order to shoot a perfect panoramic photo, it is very important that the fisheye lens is properly clamped on your mobile phone. Here are a few tips:

      • How to clip the fisheye lens

        • Please make sure that the fisheye lens is completely clipped to the rear lens of the mobile phone. Please refer to the picture below:
        • Please make sure the center of the fisheye lens is exactly at the center of the rear lens of your phone.
      • How to make sure the photo taken is perfect

        • Please confirm that during the rotation, the detected area within circle is completely within the shooting range.
        • The two of examples below show that fisheye lenses are not properly clipped. One shows the top is out of range, and the other one shows the right out of range.
        • After shooting is completed, you can check if the panorama is perfect (including ceiling and floor). If don't think the photos are perfect, for example, you see black edges on the ceilings and floors. Please select retake and adjust the clip location of the fisheye lens on your phone.
        • If the panorama photo has overlapping shadows or blurs, please fix the stand and retake.
      • Shooting position

        • We recommend to place the tripod in the middle of the room as much as possible. If you get closer to the carpet or furniture during the shooting process, it may cause problems when connecting the panorama photos. Please avoid getting too close to the wall, it can reduce the possibility of focus failure.
    • b.Please try to keep your phone camera aligned with the spin button on the rotator

    • c.Place the rotator to a height of 3’9” to 4’2” cm on a stable stand

      • Make sure that the stand is stable and perpendicular to the rotator. If it is not straight, it will cause the entire 360° panorama to be skewed.

      Tips for choosing a tripod : We recommend choosing a stable and reliable stand to avoid the shaking and skewing caused by the rotator with the phone attached, which will affect the quality of the panorama.

  • 2.Works before shooting
    • a.Clean the rooms

      In order to make sure your virtual tour is perfect, make sure the room is clean, just like how it looks in the show room.
    • b.Shooting in a well-lit environment

      Insufficient lighting can easily lead to poor quality panoramas. Please make sure that the curtains are open and the lights are turned on during the shooting process to make the space look bright.
  • 3.Shoot a panorama and create a virtual tour
    • a.Tips on shooting the panorama

      • In order to connect the panoramas in a simple way through hotspots in the future, it is recommended to include at least one other hotspot during the shooting.
      • Tips on shooting small-size rooms small room (bathroom, laundry room)
        • Place your phone and the rotator in the corner or at the doorway to capture the entire space.
        • Place your phone in a lower position to capture more details.
        Medium-size room (bedroom, kitchenette)
        • Place your phone and the rotator in the center of the room as much as possible. If there is furniture, please try to shoot at a distance one-step away from the furniture.
        • The medium-size room is suitable for representing the entire space with one single panorama.
        Large-size room (living rooms, kitchens, open layouts)
        • Large-size room is suitable for taking a few more panoramas to combine into the entire space.
    • b.Preview after the shooting

      It is recommended to preview the results of the shot after each shot. If you are not satisfied with the photo, you can adjust and retake it. After confirming that there is no problem, you can move to the next shooting spot.
    • c.Save or delete the panorama

      After you shoot a panorama, you can save it if the quality is good; you can also delete it if the quality is bad. Taking too many panorama shots will cost you lots of time during selecting and uploading process. We recommend to only keep the ones you will be using.
    • d.Name the panorama

      It is recommended that you should name the panorama after it is taken, which will help you quickly recall the scene you just shot when editing a large number of shots. It is also very helpful for connecting different scenes.
  • 1.Sign in to your asteroom app.
  • 2.Select your virtual tour, and select the panorama that you want to add the description.
  • 3.Click the “More” button below, and add a description or object to the panorama.
    • Information tag: descriptions use text, images, and videos to describe the detail features in the panorama.
    • Next room: Used to connect panoramas.
    • Text: Uses text to describe the features in the panorama.
    • Image: Add an image to the panorama.
    • Video link: Add a video to the panorama, the source of the video is a link (such as a YouTube link).
    • 3D text: Add 3D text to the panorama.
    • Link: Add a link to the panorama.
    • Insert logo: Add the personalized logo to the bottom of the virtual tour.
    • Update thumbnail: sets the current image as the start screen when people start browsing.
    • Preview: preview the virtual tour.
  • 1.Sign in to your asteroom app.
  • 2.Select a virtual tour and click on the “Floor Plan” tab. Select the floor plan using the “+” button at the lower right corner and upload your floor plan.
  • 3.When uploading is complete, please click the floor plan you just uploaded to add the hotspots on your floor plan. You can quickly switch between your floor plan and panoramas through the newly added hotspots.
  • 4.When you return, your progress will be automatically saved.

Once you have completed the virtual tour, you can share your virtual tour to the whole world with the steps below.

  • 1.Sign in to the asteroom app.
  • 2.Select the virtual tour you want to share and click the Share button.
  • 3.You can choose how you want to share your virtual tour (for example: you can share the link, share on Line app, or on Facebook, etc.).
  • Step 1.In your web editor, select the project and choose “share”.
  • Step 2.Please select Embed Code, and click “Copy to clipboard”.
    <iframe src='' width='800' height='450' frameborder='0' bgcolor='transparent' target='_blank' allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen></iframe>
  • Step 3.Please paste the copied code on your webpage. If you want to adjust the display frame size, you can change the values of the width and the height.
  • Tip: autorotation 0 or 1 are used set to auto-rotate on or off, stopbgaudio 1 or 0 are used to turn preset background music on or off.
  • 1.Open a virtual tour on your phone or click on this example. You can also scan the QR Code shown below.
  • 2.Click on the list icon in the upper right corner, and select VR.
  • 3.Place your phone horizontally, and put it in a VR device (google cardbox, etc).
  • 4.Put on the VR device and start enjoying the amazing virtual tour experience!
  • 1.Open your asteroom APP, then go to Material section.
  • 2.Click , select the photos you want to export.
  • 3.Click share, select your export destination (we recommend to use cloud space such as Google drive or dropbox, so you can download and edit directly on your computer)
  • Tips:
    • a. If you haven’t installed Google drive or Dropbox, please install these apps first then sign in asteroom.
    • b. If you have installed the cloud space apps and signed in, but still could not see these selections, please use the following steps.
    • c. You may want to create document folders before exporting. This will allow you to easily manage all your panorama phots.
    • d. Exporting is complete. Now you may download your panorama photos from cloud space
  • 1.Open your asteroom APP, then go to Material section.
  • 2.Click ,select Browse.
  • 3.Select cloud space and pick the documents you want to import.
  • 4.Importing is complete.
  • 1.Open your asteroom APP, then go to Material section.
  • 2.Click , select the photos you want to export.
  • 3.Click share, select your export destination (we recommend to use cloud space such as Google drive or dropbox, so you can download and edit directly on your computer)
  • Tips:
    • a. If you haven’t installed Google drive or Dropbox, please install these apps first then sign in asteroom.
    • b. You may want to create document folders before exporting. This will allow you to easily manage all your panorama phots.
    • c. Exporting is complete. Now you may download your panorama photos from cloud space.
  • 1.Open your asteroom APP, then go to Material section.
  • 2.Click
  • 3.Select cloud space and pick the documents you want to import
  • 4.Importing is complete.
  • 1. Login to asteroom web portal.
  • 2. Click to create an online virtual tour.
  • 3. Fill in the virtual tour details
  • 4. Enter to panorama mode and click to select the panoramas on your computer (you can select one or more panoramas).
  • 5. Once uploaded, you can rename, set view orientation and correct horizontal tilt.
  • 6. To learn how to establish the connection between panoramas, please view our tutorial.

After uploading, you can use the hotspot to establish connection.

  • 1. Click on toolbar and then select .
  • 2. Choose the panorama you want this next room to link.
  • 3. Drag hotspot and place it in the position where you want to move.
  • 4. To learn how to add tags to highlight special in your online virtual tour, please view our tutorial.
  • 1. Select the panorama you would like to tag.
  • 2. Click to open the function menu.
  • 3. Click one of the icons to decide what to do with your panorama.
  • Next room:Build the connection between the panoramas.
  • Text:Add Text description into panorama.
  • Detail description:Allow you to input the text, image and video to supplement the panorama.
  • image:Add image into the panorama.
  • Video Link:Add video link into the panorama such as YouTube link.
  • Video:Embed video into the panorama and support general video file format.
  • 3D model:Embed 3D model into the panorama and support obj、stl、ply、3mf format.
  • 3D Text:Embed 3D text into the panorama.
  • Link:Add the URL link into the panorama.
  • Insert logo:Place personalized logo or company logo on the floor.
  • Panorama video:Embed panorama video into the panorama.
  • 1. Enter the floor plan mode, click and select the floor plan on your computer.
  • 2. Click to add floor plan hotspot.
  • 3. As one indicates the related panorama, please move it on the floor plan to reflect where they were captured and adjust the direction of the view to match with the panorama's default view.
  • 1. Enable the share function and then click the share button. Click the "Copy to clipboard" to copy the embed code.
  • 2. You can adjust the size of the frame by changing the values after the width and height parameters.
  • You can be our member and use the even you have the device. If you have not yet had, you can subscribe to our service to get your own rotator and 180° lens.
  • Asteroom app is able to produce 8192*4096 resolution panorama which is better than general 360° panoramic cameras on the market. It is easy for you to create an immersive tour with our device and your smartphone.
  • Once you received the device, you could read how to use the asteroom app with rotator and 180° lens to create your own online virtual tour.
  • In asteroom app and web portal, you can import ratio 2:1 panorama. If you are not sure whether the panorama is compatible, please email us. We will reply you as soon as possible.
  • Before you start the tour, you should have a VR headset. If you have not yet had or client request, please contact us.
  • How to start the immersive tour

    1. Open the virtual tour on your smartphone.

    2. Click “more” button and select “VR mode”.

    3. Place your smartphone horizontally into the VR headset.

    4. Put on the VR headset and start enjoying the immersive tour.

    5. To move from one room to another or to access information in the tour, simply point your cursor at the relevant icon for a few seconds.

Our 3D dollhouse service is expected to be launched in August.