Asteroom 3D Tour Creating Solution - Fast and Professional

What is Asteroom?

Asteroom is a 360° virtual tour software, which includes an online editor and an APP. We offer an alternative to 360° cameras and with our easy-to-use (Asteroom Pano Kit). Picking it up will be a snap!

How do we charge? How about renewal?

Why do I need to subscribe?

The pricing is for hosting the images on the Asteroom Cloud and use Asteroom's technology to turn panoramas into a 360° virtual tour. If you cancel subscription, your tours will still be there, but they just can't be viewed. Asteroom is not allowed to delete your tours unless you delete them by yourself.

How do we charge?

We have a pay-as-you-go pricing model, meaning that you activate and pay for the service only when you need it. Monthly fees for Asteroom are based on the number of projects that can be shared publicly, as well as the number of accounts that have registered logins.

How to renewal?

After receiving a notification that your account has expired, please log into to renew your account, as Asteroom has yet to implement a recurring payment system. Users can choose to subscribe for one month, three months, six months, or one year at a time.

What kind of smartphones and 360° camera does Asteroom support?

Types of smartphones we support

The minimal requirement of smartphone system shoud be newer than iOS 11 or Android 6. That is, your smartphone shoud be at least or newer than iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S7, SONY Xperia X Compact, or LG G5 / V20. We also support the latest multi-lens smartphones such as iPhone 11 Pro series. and Samsung Galaxy 10 series.

Types of 360° camera we support

Asteroom supports Theta series, including S, SC, V, and Z1, and Insta360 ONE X. There is no need to import and export photos from its APP. You can also import 360° photos taken by another 360° cameras or 360° smartphones. Ratio of 360° photos length and width has to be 2:1.

How to Redeem voucher?

Activation via the APP

  • Upon receiving the Asteroom Pano Kit,please enter the activation code in the package into the APP/ web editor
  • Once download of the APP is complete, please register and log in.
  • Click on the menu in the top-left corner of the APP, select 【Version】, and enter your and enter your activation code into the field.

Activation via the website

  • Go to
  • Register and log in.
  • Click on Setting in the top-right corner, select 【Version】,and enter the activation code into the field.

How to report issues to Asteroom via Feedback?

If the APP freezes or an error message pops up while shooting with the app, or if the APP is unable to connect with Bluetooth devices, or fails to function for any unknown reason, please report the problem to Asteroom, so that we may take the necessary actions to improve our service.

  • Go to the step/screen where the failure occurs.
  • Exit the screen and immediately click on the APP menu in the top-left corner.
  • Selecting "Feedback" will open up your mobile phone's default e-mail app and automatically fill the message with the error log. All you need to do is to click 'Send' and we will receive your feedback.

The error has to occur before you send your feedback. Otherwise, there will not be an error log.
The user must enable access to the phone's mailbox to be able to use the above method for reporting errors.

How to shoot and create a project?

  • Shoot panoramas: click camera to take panoramas.
  • Check and name the album: all panoramas will be saved in the album named after the shooting date (YYYYMMDD). Go to album to check the panoramas and rename the album.
  • Upload the album and create a new project: Click on the album page, select an album you want to upload, and click to upload then a project is created automatically.

What should I do when I got blurry 360° photos?

  • Check that the Pano Kit is set up stably and does not shake. Please refer to How to shoot the perfect panoramic photo, and watch our tutorial video How to set up Asteroom Pano Kit.
  • Use level to check its stablity.
  • If you are using a monopod, it is recommended to use the timer to allow the monopod to stabilize after you tab camera.
  • When shooting again, we suggest taking multiple shots at the same location and picking the best one.

When to use timer?

Using a timer is recommended under the following scenarios
  • If you don't want to move along with the rotator, you may choose to set a timer and leave the room.
  • Monopods are susceptible to shaking. It is recommended to use the timer to give it time to stabilize after tabbing ‘Camera’.

What to do when the rotator stopped rotating?

There are a few reasons.
  • It's out of battery, please charge it.
  • The rotaor was screwed too tightly on the tripod that would cause inner parts of the rotator stuck and coundn't function. Please loose it to the extent that won't cause your phone shaking.
  • There is unknown reason needing more troubleshooting. Please contact us for further assistance.

What to do when Bluetooth didn't work?

Restart Bluetooth of the rotator and your phone's, and they will automatically re-pair and connect with each other. The status of camera will bright up once connecting. If it kept failing to connect, please report the issue via "Feedback" in th APP.

What is the resolution of 360° photos taken by Asteroom?

The resolution of 360° panorama depends on your smartphones. Asteroom could produce 360° panorama with 8192*4096 px resolution.

How to make 2D floor plan?

Using AR to measure room dimensions

  • Please click here to confirm that your phone supports AR measurement.
  • Log in Asteroom APP.
  • Click on Camera and change the mode to floor plans.
  • Point the phone lens at the ground and choose a wall corner as the origin. Move left and right. There is no need to use a fisheye lens.
  • When Aim appears on screen, click Add and you will see a red dot stick at the aimed point. Repeat this step at every turning point in the room until you return to your original point, where you click on Done to save the measurements. The Undo in the top-right corner is used to undo the previous red dot.

Adding another room to the same floor plan

  • Go to Matarial > enter one of album > switch to Floor plan tab > open the floor plan file you wish to edit.
  • Click on Edit to the lower-left > click on Camera > Repeat steps 4 and 5 listed above.
  • Click on any shape to move, rename, duplicate or delete it.
  • Click on Done in the top-right corner to save when you are done.

Drawing a floor plan using an in-house modeling group

  • Click on Camera and change it to floor plan mode.
  • Click on Drawing to the right to enter drawing mode. Opening up the functions menu, you will see Layout module , Door . Select an icon to add, and then to drag, rotate, rename, delete and copy.
  • When you are done, click on Done in the top-right corner to save.

How to set up "Next Room" (hotspots)?

Creating a Hotspot

  • Open a project, choose a panorama, click on the "Next Room" , and follow the screens to complete the three steps listed below.
  • Add a hotspot. It is recommended to name each panorama for ease of identification and establish flow between rooms.
  • Set the hotspot location. When the hotspot has been set from room A to room B, the hotspot of room B back to room A is also automatically set.
  • Confirm the entry image. In order to get a sense of how your viewers will interact with your hotspot,it is recommended that you use the Preview to check if it works smooyhly.

Edit Hotspot

  • Click on the hotspot you wish to edit to enter hotspot editing mode. Pen and Trash can will appear in the top-right corner.
  • The pen indicates that the hotspot is being edited, and the trash can indicates that the hotspot is about to be deleted.
  • Click elsewhere on the screen to turn off hotspot editing mode.

How to upload background music?

There are a few reasons.
  • Log in Asteroom APP or web editor.
  • Select the project you want to share.
  • Click on More in the project's top-right corner.
  • Click on " Edit information" > "Background music". Click on the folder icon to upload music.
  • Click on Done in the top-right corner to save.

App interface

Web editor interface

How to display agent contact information?

There are a few reasons.
  • Log in Asteroom APP or web editor.
  • Select the project you want to share.
  • Click on More on the project's top-right corner.
  • Click "Edit information" > "Display agent info". Select the agent who is responsible for the listing.
  • And turn on "Enable sharing" in the More
  • Copy the share link to browser to see the contact information is correct.

App interface

Web editor interface

What is an active tour?

An active tour is a project that can be viewded publicly via a share link. That is, once your subscription is expired, the tour will be inactive automatically and can not be viewed by others. The tour is still in your account and once renewing your subscription, you can manually open the tour.

How to share 360° virtual tour?

  • Go to the project main page, select menu in the top-right corner of projects and select "Enable sharing".
  • The project's share will become pink, which means that it can now be shared.
  • If share is in pink, it means that sharing has already been enabled. If it is in grey, sharing is disabled and it is no longer possible to view the tour on your browser.